A Review Fit for a King: Kingsman
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In 2014, Kingsman: The Secret Service came out marking the beginning of the franchise which has, as of late September, been joined by a sequel: Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The first movie was a rags to riches story of a boy, Eggsy, becoming an agent of a secret society in England, filled with action, plot twists, and intense fight scenes. The first movie was well liked by critics and audiences alike, scoring a critic score of 74% and an audience score of 84% on reputable website Rotten Tomatoes.

The second film is filled with all the same drama and violence of the first, but with a few changes. Like the first film, the characters in the second film (no matter how well liked) are killed off in copious quantities. However, the writers did bring back fan favorite Harry, portrayed by Colin Firth. Firth was not the only well-known actor to be a part of this movie though, this cast was as star studded as a cast can be, including Halle Berry, Channing Tatum, Julianne Moore, and even Elton John.

“I liked how the movie had an overarching plot, but didn’t just build up to that. It had a bunch of little plots that got resolved throughout to ease the suspense,” said one Bainbridge Island resident about the new sequel.

An important part of the movie franchise to point out is that they are not kid friendly movies. Both of the Kingsman movies have well-earned R ratings from extensive, gruesome violence, drug content, and very strong language throughout the entire film. Although the movie is considered to be crude, it is a good action/adventure/comedy story with every line representing information essential to the plot, a joke, or a quick bit of wit.

Much of this movie was completed with the assistance of CGI which, when polished, turned the movie from good action to an all around thriller. From massive explosions to impossible fight scenes to people going through a meat grinder, the techs behind the graphic content, no pun intended, were truly the tops in their fields.

“My favorite parts were the fight scenes, they were so intense and fast,” said BHS Senior Shaylan Hunt.

The movie is 2 hours and 12 minutes long, but worth watching all the way through. There are many subtle jokes, puns, and references to not only the first movie, but also to actors in the second movie; especially Elton John, who was constantly dressed up as he would be for a concert in everything from a feathered ensemble to silver heeled boots. The plot is very different from the first movie, and although they use a lot of the same methods and characters as were in the first film, they are twisted or morphed into something new.

Overall, this movie is worth seeing whether you have seen the first in the series or not. Everything is well explained and nothing is left hanging at the end that isn’t tied up one way or another. With so many talented actors in the cast, the story was conveyed convincingly and was actually believable, aside from the high-tech gadgets and super-trained spies.

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