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Earlier last week, Apple dropped iOS 11, a new update for the iPhone. It comes with a bunch of interesting, next level features that will have you toying with your phone for hours on end. You don’t even need an iPhone 8 to use it!

The first of the cool new features is facetime screenshots. There is a new shutter button included in the facetime app to capture any moment as clear as possible. Say goodbye to blurry facetime screenshots. The feature is easy to use. Just press the round photo button on the left side of your screen. The only drawback on this feature is that both facetime users have to be on iOS 11.
The next feature makes organizing your home screen easier than ever before. It is now possible to move multiple apps at one time! While you’re in the process of moving one app, all you need to do is press on other apps to group them all into one, saving a bunch of time!

You can now customize the control center to fit your needs. All, you have to do is go to Settings > Control Center > Customize control center > and add any of the apps you need. This feature is great because you don’t have to swipe across each screen to look for your most important apps, you can just swipe up and find them. You can also change your phone to access the notes app from your lock screen.

Maximize your storage with suggestions in settings. Before the update, you could only see which apps were taking up the most space. Now, go into the storage section in your settings to see what old messages, unused apps, and attachments you can get rid of to stop getting that annoying “storage almost full” pop up.

Use the internet offline! You have to make sure Safari is activated in your iCloud settings. Then go to Safari’s settings to turn on the “Automatically save offline” function. Whenever you add to the reading list it will automatically save to your phone for later.

If you don’t like to see the “rate our app” notification every time you open a fresh app, you can now get rid of it. Go to settings > iTunes & App store to turn off “In-app ratings and reviews”. You can still rate apps you love through the app store.

Are you sick and tired of Siri misunderstanding that incredibly easy and simple question you asked. Your problem is solved! Type messages to Siri by going to Settings > Accessibility > Siri > type to Siri and activate. If Siri doesn’t understand what you’re typing, well, it’s Siri, what did you expect? The only downsides being that you can no longer speak to Siri and Siri won’t talk back to you. Not really that big of a downside.

You don’t have to download extra apps to scan QR codes anymore. You can easily access them through the camera. You can also scan physical documents right into your notes. Cool right?
iMessage effects just got even more annoying, or fun, depending on if you like to use them. Use the effects like “echo” to send thousands of tiny versions of your message. Also use “spotlight” which puts a literal spotlight on your message of you’re really trying to emphasize something.
There is also a new SOS feature. This makes it possible for you to call the authorities by clicking the sleep/wake button five times. It won’t automatically call the cops for you unless you have “auto call” enabled.

There are many more features yet to be discovered. The new update has proven to be a success and we already look forward to iOS 12. “iOS 11 is the best thing to ever happen to the iPhone!” said Junior Lindsay Franznick.

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