Spartan News: New Team, New Talent, New Segments
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Halfway through sixth period on Friday afternoon, the Bachelor in Paradise theme song, “Almost Paradise”, began filling the hallways as classes throughout the upper 300 building started to tune into the fortnightly broadcast of Spartan News. This 2017-2018 season, Spartan News Team (SNT) is stacked with all new talent to fill positions ranging from anchors to cameramen and editors. The two coveted anchor spots were awarded to seniors Jay Pabst and Kaela Ellis. In addition to a new team, SNT is also sporting a new, top secret headquarters location, and with all this change, the students of Bainbridge High School were eager to see the result.

The reception to the first episode has been mixed. Across the board throughout the grades, reviews have ranged from “ok” to “good”, but one thing is unanimous, everyone is excited to see what Spartan News will become this year.

This year, SNT is fighting an uphill battle to compete with the standard set by last year’s talented group that featured Henry Bacon and Annika Thornburg. They introduced new bits that have carried into this year such as Mr. Uitvlugt’s Word of the Day and highlighted their quirky personalities which created a unique experience for everyone.

The new team is eager to produce and share more episodes with the students of Bainbridge High School. They hope to improve with the feedback of the students and have episodes that “contain a few more twists and be a little less static compared to last year’s” according to Ellis. Both Ellis and Pabst are most excited for the themed episodes, especially the Halloween one and urge the viewers to be on the lookout for some “good laughs.”

Most of the members of this year’s SNT have stated that they have wanted to be a part of the team for while and that it wasn’t a spur of the moment decision.

“It honestly looked like a blast and I thought, ‘When am I going to be able to do something like this in the future?’ It always brightened my mornings when it was on, so I wanted to be able to do that to someone else’s mornings,” said Junior Lucy Hanacek of her decision to apply.

Hanacek collects audio and video for the episodes and will be able to carry on the legacy for the 2018-2019 season.

Both Pabst and Ellis referenced their freshman year featuring Ricky Perry and Trent Schulte, and how, similar to Hanacek, they made their morning better and wanted to give that feeling back to BHS. In order to accomplish this, they all have the same goal of incorporating more comedy into the segments. As a result their motto is “more news, more bits, more funny” according to Hanacek.

“My main goal is to make this a great Spartan News year by reducing any cringey content and replacing it with wholesome fun.” said Pabst, “The future I see is bright…the 2017-2018 Spartan News year will be remembered as one of the good ones.”

In addition to all these changes, SNT wants to connect to the students in more ways than a fortnightly broadcast. One way they plan to do this is by creating an engaging Snapchat with lots of stories so the viewers can have an exclusive, behind the scenes look. They hope this will build up interest and anticipation for every episode while encouraging future seniors to apply to be apart of the fun. Furthermore, it will provide an easy platform for feedback on segments so they can continue to cater their episodes to the needs and wants of the high schoolers.

This years Spartan News Team has a lot of work ahead of them, but with the great group working on it, it should be no issue. They look forward to hearing from the student body so go check out their snap account @spartannewsteam. Their next episode will air on October 6th as a themed Homecoming edition, so students, get ready!

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YuYu Madigan is a senior at Bainbridge High School and the section editor for the opinions column. She enjoys writing about things happening in her local community particularly relating to BHS because she is very involved in school. In addition to newspaper, YuYu enjoys being the Associated Student Body President, the Future Business Leaders of America Co-President, and the financial lead for BHS Takeoff - Powered by MIT. She is excited to be a part of the Spartan Standard this year and looks forward to help manage the digital site.