Plan for the 100 Building
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At Bainbridge High School the 100 building is considered the hub for creativity. Here, in this part of the school, architecture, ceramic, and sculpture classes are offered. Many students who struggle in the common core classes at Bainbridge High School find their niche here.

The building has been around for many years and even some of the staff members used to attend courses in the exact same building. The theater’s duty is quite small compared to other schools and many say it can no longer support our growing program. With the number of productions our school puts on every year, the building can no longer compensate for the amount of people that want to attend. This is especially true for popular events such as Winter One Acts. The theater program is a vital part of making Bainbridge High School a cultured community, and without the right building it won’t be able to flourish to its full potential.

The same can be true for the visual arts classes such as ceramics. The space is open and offers a calming place for students to create, but has many mechanical issues. The kilns are constantly breaking down and in need of repair and like the auditorium it can no longer compensate for its growing popularity.
“I love the size of the space that I have, and the warm atmosphere, but the failing infrastructure such as the heating, plumbing, and electrical impacts daily students experience in the 100 building,” says Ceramics teacher Elizabeth Ande.

While it may seem like these problems were being taken care of with a recent school board vote to update both the 100 building and Blakely Elementary, this is not true. Plans are going full steam ahead with the Blakely renovation program but it seems that the hundred building plans have been put on hold. The approximately 80 million dollar plan that originally included both buildings seems to have altered since the school board originally voted on it. While it’s painfully obvious that the 100 building is in dire need of updates it seems that the students at Bainbridge High School potentially won’t get to see these results until several years into the future.

About the Author :

Grace Ande is a senior at Bainbridge High School and is a student journalist for The Spartan Standard. She enjoys writing about the current events going on around the school and in the community. She enjoys hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter and is excited to be a returning member of the newspaper staff.