No More Back Breaking Backpacks For the Class of 2021
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As a junior and athlete at BHS, free time is a rare commodity in my life, so as you can imagine, a few weeks ago when I was coming out of the Penske gym after a late volleyball game, I was lamenting the fact that it was too dark to complete any homework while I waited for my ride. At that moment another student came out and promptly after sitting down opened their Chromebook and got to work. I was amazed and admittedly a little jealous at the efficiency that this tool provided.

The take-home Chromebook was a program initiated last year at Woodward with successful results. Over the past few years, the practice of taking home computers has gained popularity throughout the country, and this year, as the large freshman class flood the campus, they bring with them backpacks not filled to the brim with papers and binders but simply a Chromebook.

Although Chromebooks have been available in BHS classrooms for a few years, this is the first year that BHS students may take them home and have them available for continual use.

Chromebooks give students complete access to all educational Google Apps, apps like Google Classroom, Docs, Slides as well as web apps like Quizlet and Easybib. Chromebooks also make communication and working together for group projects much simpler. All these features make Chromebooks very appealing to students and teachers alike, however, for some, it is not a replacement for an at home computer.

“I still use my mom’s computer for most outside of school things,” said one freshman, when asked about her Chromebook use.

Although the limitations and lack of privacy on the Chromebooks have some people unsatisfied, many upperclassmen feel it would make staying focused easier.

“I think it would help me stay more organized and on track in school. I think the limitations would be good. My personal computer has a lot more distractions,” commented a group of juniors when discussing the new development.

With over 20 million students using Google apps worldwide, Chromebooks will be the future of education; and at BHS the future is fast approaching.

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