Is Having an Open Worth It?
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Having an open period is a luxury that usually only upperclassmen have the option to partake in. However, is having an open period worth it? That is a question I put to the test in the halls of Bainbridge High School. Many of the students I asked had similar responses: ‘Yes, totally!’ But others made some pretty good points against.

“If you have a lot of extra-curriculars, an open is a good time to get work done during the school day.” states BHS senior Shaylan Hunt.

Many people who have an open, including myself, use it for the reason Hunt gave. Students at BHS, no matter how diligent, have felt overwhelmed by the workload at times. An open provides time to catch up on last minute assignments, stay on top of current assignments, and even get a head start.

A commonly mentioned downfall to having an open period is procrastination. This is a hard truth that has hit us all at some point. Although most of the students I talked to spoke highly of an open, they all mentioned wasting time and putting off important assignments as a constant challenge.

“I don’t think I would have used it for what it was meant for,” said BHS graduate Caitlyn Munter when asked why she never took an open during her time at Bainbridge High School.

From my own experience, it is very easy to slip into a habit of just using the time in an open to watch Netflix or browse Instagram, which is fine and even good sometimes, but it is also important to not get caught in an unproductive slump.

“You do need a break, it’s important to take time for yourself.” said BHS senior Mia Peeples.

The point aforementioned by Peeples is the main reason I decided to have another open in my schedule this year. Taking time out of academic studies is not always easy to do, but with an open, there is more opportunity to do just that. An open is not only a good time to get homework done, but a good time to catch up on anything else you need from eating a nice lunch to catching an hour of sleep. Taking time out of a busy day can be beneficial to the mental and physical health of students with a heavy workload. Having extra time provides opportunities to relax or take some ‘me time.’

“[With an open] you don’t have as much time to fit in classes for college apps.” said Peeples when talking about the downside to having an open period.

Having an open often looks bad to colleges during the application process. At many of the college meetings I have gone to, the representative has mentioned that the admissions office looks to transcripts for consistency in schedules, which having an open period disrupts. I have remedied this by taking a zero period along with an open so I still technically have at least six classes each semester.

Overall, having an open has provided more time to finish homework, resulting in more free time after school. Although it can appear as a blemish on high school transcripts, combined with challenging classes and extracurriculars, it won’t destroy the chance to get into good schools. In my experience, an open has really helped me stay caught up, even with all my extracurriculars, and has given me the opportunity for more free time later in the day. There are many different aspects to consider when deciding whether or not to take an open, but I have found that, it has helped lower my stress levels and get all my work done on time.

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