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With only two weeks left in the school year, The Spartan Standard, Bainbridge High’s newspaper, is preparing for next year. The newspaper has thrived this year under the direction of editors-in-chief Ella Meyers and Phoebe Liebling and photography editor Julia Fradkin.

“We went through a lot of change this year,” said newspaper advisor Ms. Rose. While an online paper had been a point of discussion in newspaper for the last several years, an online edition of The Spartan Standard was finally approved by the Bainbridge High School administration this year. In that vein, only three of The Spartan Standard’s issues will be in print next year: The Garlic (April Fool’s Day) Issue, The Passion Issue, and the Senior Issue; everything else will be published online at

The Spartan Standard also launched Twitter and Instagram accounts, which will be updated during the 2017-18 school year with information from around Bainbridge High School and the surrounding community.
After talking to next year’s editors-in-chief, the plan for the content of the newspaper next year is simple. “Our plan is to become a little bit more school focused,” Rose said. While articles addressing larger issues in our community and the world will be welcome, the plan is to see students writing more articles that pertain to BHS.

Rose also hopes to see a few larger changes to the paper next year. “I want it to be updated quicker, in the sense that stories are written as events happen,” instead of coming out every two weeks. She noted that this is not at all the fault of the current staff, who had to learn and adapt to a new online newspaper this year. In future years, however, it would be great if an article recapping a volleyball game could be published on the front page of the website the morning after the game, or if any new developments at BHS could be immediately addressed.

For the long term, Rose would love for The Spartan Standard to get back into competitions. Years ago, Bainbridge High School’s newspaper frequently entered competitions and was recognized as one of the top papers in its division. Interest in competitions has fallen, but Rose said she would be open to participating in competitions if she “ever had editors or staff members interested in summer training…and…people that are really interested in journalism, in print or online.”

Overall, The Spartan Standard has had a fun, productive year. “We’ve had some challenges, as always,” said Rose, “but with Phoebe and Ella’s leadership, we made it through.” The 2017-18 editors-in-chief will be Gisella Gonzalez and Eve Hurd. Thanks for a great year, we’ll see you in three months, BHS.

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