Manchester Bombing: Another Terrorist Attack in Europe
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Around two weeks ago, a terrorist bombing took place at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, the second most populous city in England. The bomb was placed in the foyer of the complex. It detonated at around 10:30 P.M. local time, right near the end of the show. People had just began leaving the show and next thing they knew, there was rubble and bodies lying near the exit of the arena.

After the occurrence, detectives looked deeper into what happened and they uncovered who the attacker was. The terrorist was 22-year-old Salman Abedi, who lived in the United Kingdom as well. He had a lot of family nearby, but no one was found to have any association with his acts. Two of his cousins said that the actions of Salman was a betrayal on their family name. His father, Ramadan Abedi, said that he is confused as to why his son would carry out these actions of his own accord. Ramadan said that he knows his son is not part of any organization (like ISIS), so it probably wasn’t his own decision to perform this attack. Ramadan said he felt that his son might have been manipulated by an ulterior force. He and his son condemn the acts of terrorists on innocent people, Ramadan stated.

Further investigations are taking place on looking more into what happened at the concert. They found the possible detonator of the bomb, which was homemade. They looked at some places where Abedi had lived or stayed at previously, and are on the search for a suitcase that he had been seen carrying around Manchester before the attack had occurred.

The attack ended up with a total of 22 victims, with many more injured. Memorials have taken place accordingly to mourn the loss of these innocent lives.

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