Guardians of the Triumph
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In August of 2014, the first modern Guardians of the Galaxy film came out and impressed audiences. The 122 minute movie was a huge success, earning approximately $773.3 million dollars in the box office as people went back to see it again and again. There were so many different parts of the first film that worked together to make it what it is today, the witty comments, the dynamic of the team, and especially the fantastic soundtrack.

Recently, on May 5th, the second volume of Guardians of the Galaxy came out and was a huge success. The first of the two films impressed audiences so much that many fans were eagerly awaiting the release of the second one, so when the 136 minute film was finally released almost three years after the first, people flocked. The box office sales skyrocketed as people were impressed and told those around them. The movie has raked in over $818 million in the one month that it has been out and is expected to make more with it still being in theaters.

This is the point in the article were if you haven’t seen the movie you should wait to read because there are going to be spoilers.

The first movie’s plot, the quest to keep an infinity stone safe, created way for a terrific storyline to come into existence. But one of the most talked about part of the Guardians of the Galaxy was the fantastic soundtrack. In the first movie it included iconic songs such as “Hooked on a Feeling” by Blue Swede, “I’m Not in Love” by 10cc, and “Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways. After an all star soundtrack following the first film, the soundtrack on the second one was much anticipated. “How can you beat the great music that was in the first one?” asked on BHS junior Shaylan Hunt. While the soundtrack for the second movie didn’t break any glass ceilings, it certainly did work very well with the movie to create a great overall experience. Not to say of course that it didn’t have some great songs that everyone is hooked on now like “Summer Nights” by Glen Campbell, “Fox on the Run” by Sweet, and even some Cat Stevens with “Father and Son.”

The soundtrack wasn’t the only good part of the Guardians sequel though. The storyline is surrounded around the discovery of Peter Quill’s father, Ego. Ego, however, is not the only new character introduced in this movie, though he is not technically new, Baby Groot was a big part of this new movie. He brought a whole new dynamic to the team by giving them someone they all needed, and wanted, to take care of. In the first film, Groot had a strong attachment to Rocket whereas in the second one, although Rocket seemed to still be the only one who could understand Groot’s “I am Groot” language, the whole team seems closer to the tiny tree man.

The movie, like the first, is filled with quick humour and easy to miss jokes making it once again entertaining to watch. It is very different from the first, however, because of the team’s dynamic. With Baby Groot on the team and none of them, physically, fighting each other, the Guardians of the Galaxy start to really live up to their name. As in any group of people there is fighting amongst them, in this movie Rocket and Quill fight over just about everything but resolve their issues when they need to at the end. The movie brings the Guardian’s new challenges, hardships and calls for more sacrifice but sums up to a really good story that gives the group purpose, meaning, and reinforces the bond between them even more.

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