Best Beaches and Docks on Bainbridge
June 12, 2017  //  By:   //  Opinions  //  Comments are off

With summer just around the corner and the warm weather we all love reaching us at last, some of Bainbridges most loved are beaches and docks, spread all across the island are starting to look quite appealing. I talked to some BHS students to see where they like to hang out on beautiful Pacific Northwest summer days.

Sophomore David Nikunen said “Hidden Cove is obviously the best place to hang out. The rickety old dock is never not a good time. Whenever I go, I always meet new people and see old friends.” Senior Will Dowell kept it short and sweet in his response to my question. “Gazzam Lake is hands down, THE best place to swim.” My personal opinion is that Pritchard Park is the best place to get your water fix on the island. The sandy beach is always open and there is always people there.

Swimming is a great way to pass the time during the summer. We are lucky enough to have some fantastic locations for a nice jump in the water, why not use them? Have a great, safe summer BHS.

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Ian Drury is a Junior at Bainbridge High School. His favorite aspects of journalism are communicating with the greater public and helping others understand current issues. Outside of newspaper, Ian enjoys bird and fish identification, a bit of a Canada Dry, and tennis with his friends.