The Speakers Are Finally Getting Fixed
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On the fateful Friday of April 14th, the student body of Bainbridge High School selected, to govern itself, four ASB officers from the class of 2018. Surviving a grilling from a select panel and the ceaseless ring of an unforgiving gong, YuYu Madigan as President, Ben Cibula as Vice President, Max Weber as Treasurer, and Michael Greenwood as Secretary, successfully emerged from the election into their respective positions.

In the upcoming year the officers all hope to truly represent each student’s opinion and work toward their benefit, but each also had a unique idea for a collective vision for the 2017-2018 school year.
“I want everyone at the school to be able to find something they have in common with other students other than the fact that they go to the same school,” said Greenwood about his aspirations for the upcoming year. The treasurer suggested that club and sport participation as well as attendance at school-wide events would help facilitate this.

Along somewhat the same lines, Cibula plans to “work to build a better sense of community throughout the school,” specifically one that transcends grade level, and Madigan hopes that students of all ages and social spheres will be able to find a friend in her.

Weber focused his campaign on the voice of the people—“I have been planning from the beginning of my campaign to start actually asking people what they want instead of just assuming it.” However, he also promised to better a more tangible aspect of BHS. “My first order of business will be to fix those horrible speakers so that we can have good assemblies without having our ears get destroyed in the process.”

But before they can make any changes, the officers must undergo an adjustment period for their new responsibilities.

“I definitely think there will be a learning curve, but I feel confident that with the support of the students and staff of BHS and with the great team we have for ASB, it will be an awesome year,” said Madigan. The other three officers displayed a similar feeling of confidence in themselves and each other, and trust in support from the school community.

While feeling sure of themselves, the officers admire the spirit and accomplishments of past ASB leaders. Traits such as charisma and inclusivity were central to the past leaders they esteem. “I admire Ricky Perry, the ASB President during my freshman year,” said Weber. “We need more people like him to bring back BHS Spirit.”

“They were very spirited and involved in the school, which I think is good for a ASB officer,” said Madigan of the 2014-2015 ASB.

While looking to the past for positive examples of school spirit, the 2018 officers also look to a future year that they plan to make great. “I hope that the 2017-2018 school year is full of fun, school spirit, and community,” said Cibula. “I’m excited to be in a leadership position as a senior!”

The officers plan to bring everything they have to make 2018 a memorable year for not only their senior class, but for the whole school. “We all have our own special abilities that we bring to the table, and I am confident that with a little teaching from the current ASB officers we can pick up where they left off and continue on to do bigger and better things,” said Greenwood.

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Gisella Gonzalez is a life-long islander in her junior year at BHS. Gisella has been dancing in varying styles since the age of 4, and started playing lacrosse her freshman year. In her second year on the Spartan Standard staff, she has enjoyed serving as editor of the features section and writing a broad range of articles—in particular, features and opinions articles. She focuses on writing local and school-central articles, because of the connections she is able to make throughout the community through interviews and meetings as well as the close to home influence of an article that turns our lenses inward.