The Great Question: Cats or Dogs? The Great Answer: Dogs.
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When it comes to humans, we love to have affectionate things around us. For years there has been an argument over two of the most common household pets, friends, and companions: dogs and cats. I spoke to some BHS students to gauge their opinion on this issue.

In my personal opinion, I think that dogs are the greater of the household pets. Yes, they are more work, but there is a much more noticeable reward. Dogs are loving and happy, whereas cats can be cold and aloof. Why would you want to spend your time and money taking care of something that doesn’t care about you?

Photo by Amalie Millerd.

Sophomore Cooper Hanson told me, “Dogs are always happy to see you and are always ready to play and be active. They love to spend time with you whereas cats are cold, heartless beings.” Freshman Chris Daniels expressed that “Dogs love their owners, but I feel like a cat wouldn’t really care if their owner died.” Senior Will Dowell was short but not so sweet in his response to my question. He clearly has extreme feelings on this subject as he answered my question by saying “Dogs. Cats Suck”. Junior Mario Vukic said, “I think cats are the best option, they require much less care and you will never have to run outside with them.”

What furry friend is really better? The world may never know.

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