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The Class Officer elections for the next school year was held on Thursday, April 27th. For the Class of 2018, the presidential candidates are Kenny Dosono and Shaila Perry. Kenny is in National Honor Society and is a volunteer for the Parks and Recreation center, and Kitsap Regional Library. His hobbies are Tennis, Badminton, and Photography. Kenny described himself as a friendly, determined, and creative Spartan who wishes the best among his classmates.

The other presidential candidate is Shaila Perry, she is also in National Honor Society, participates in Model United Nations, and plays lacrosse. Shaila described herself as a great listener and an approachable classmate. Both candidates would be great class presidents as they both have good potential, traits, and are hardworking.

Lauren Wallach is the only candidate for Vice President she too is a great candidate. Lauren is in National Honor Society and Link Crew, is the President of Theater Club and was in both 2016 and 2017 Winter One Acts and the Spring Musicals, and the captain of the Cross Country team. Lauren also volunteers at Kitsap Regional Library and is employed at Bainbridge Island Parks and Recreation. Lauren said she had a lot of experience with leadership skills and works well with others which would play a big role as Vice President for the Class of 2018.

There is also only one candidate for the Secretary and she is Mollie Alpaugh. Mollie is in National Honor Society, Link Crew, Interact Club, and Global Health Club. Mollie hobbies are cheerleading and tennis. Mollie was the Class of 2018 Secretary for the last four out of five years making her very qualified for the role.

There were two candidates running for Treasurer, John Tye Ahearne and Kathryn Wangthamkua. John is National Honors Society and participates in St. Cecilia’s youth group. John’s hobbies are playing soccer and playing piano. John described himself as responsible, reliable, organized, and great at working with others.

The other candidate Kathryn, is in National Honor Society, Interact Club, and volunteers in the mini cheer program. Kathryn’s hobby is cheerleading. She described herself as responsible and organized as she balances work very well. Overall both of these candidates would have been great as the Class of 2018 Treasurers.

The Class of 2018 officers are: Kenny Dosono as President, Lauren Wallach as Vice President, Mollie Alpaugh as Secretary, and John Tye Ahearne as Treasurer.

For the candidates of 2019, there’s not many competitions except for Secretary. Who ran for class president was Ethan Soltanzadeh; he’s in National Honor Society, ASB, Interact Club and his family runs a non-profit organization. Ethan’s hobbies are hockey and acting. Ethan is very qualified as he’s ran many fundraisers before and he would like to use his knowledge, skill, ability, and connections to further better the school and class of 2019.

Collin Oliver ran for Vice President, he is in Link Crew and his hobbies are rowing and singing. Collin hopes to use his drive and ability to improve the class of 2019 all together, Collin is a kind and hardworking candidate that will be great at this position.

As for the role of Secretary, the candidates were Sofia Scott and Lizi Dauber. Sofia is in National Honors Society and Knowledge Bowl. Sofia’s hobbies are jazz band, tennis, marching band, and winterguard. Sofia wants to bring her enthusiasm, hard work, creativity, energy, and experience to help fundraising and a positive community at BHS.

Lizi Dauber was the former class secretary for the past couple of years as well as the 4-H club president, and she is currently a member in Students Against Sexual Assault Club. Lizi hopes to increase school spirit, help with fundraising, and preserve traditions at BHS. Both candidates would have been great at Secretary and both are greatly qualified.

Marianne Milander ran for Treasurer, Marianne is in National Honor Society, Link Crew, French club, Global Health club, Common Sense club and volunteers at the Rotary Auction and Farmer’s Market. Marianne’s hobbies are basketball and tennis, and she participates in the Knowledge Bowl. Marianne described herself as a dedicated hard worker, and she already completed four fundraisers. Marianne will be a great Treasurer for the Class of 2019.

The Class of 2019 officers are: Ethan Soltanzadeh as President, Collin Oliver as Vice President, Lizi Dauber as Secretary, and Marianne Milander as Treasurer.

The Class of 2020 had many competitors, there were four candidates who ran for president, Zach Cooper (Jensen), Lina Klinkenberg, Jack Noan, and Priya Niehaus. Zach Cooper is the current class president and is on the Golf and Sailing team. Zach wants to represent everyone views from the Class of 2020 as he feels that’s very important as President.

Candidate Lina Klinkenberg is in gymnastics, soccer, and tennis. Lina wants to represent the ideas of her class, promote school spirit, and described herself as hardworking and committed. The other candidate, Jack Naon is in Rowing and Link Crew. Jack also wants to help represent the ideas of his class, he feels as if it’s best to protect their interests and feels he’s in position to do so.

The final presidential candidate is Priya Niehaus, Priya is in Interact Club, Yoga Club, and theater. Priya hobbies are dancing, acting, and singing. Priya described herself as a people person, outgoing and confident. Priya also feels strongly about representing her peers. Overall each of these candidates would have been great as their class president since they each share the same ideas of what it means to be president.

The candidates for Vice President are,l Jake Jensen Lopez and Kiernan Liberman. Jake didn’t have much to say about himself in the voters pamphlet, but with the picture of himself he seems like a nice guy and would have been a great Vice President. Kiernan Liberman is the current class vice president who is in ASB, Forensic Club, Model United Nations, and Swim and Dive. Kiernan described himself as very enthusiastic and motivated, who wants to listen to everyone’s ideas to make the next year as enjoyable as possible.

There’s only one candidate who ran for class secretary and she is Delaney James, she was been a class officer for the past five years. Delaney’s hobbies are Horseback Riding, Tennis, and Music. Delaney hopes to bring her long experience to help improve the already great community of BHS.

The Treasurer candidate is Caitlin Slattery, she plays golf, basketball, and lacrosse. Though she didn’t have much to say in the pamphlet, Caitlin learned communication skills through team bonding. Communicating and bonding with the other officers is very important as a Treasurer, so with she’d be a great representative to the class of 2020.

The Class of 2020 officers are: Jack Noan as President, Kiernan Liberman as Vice President, Delaney James as Secretary, and Caitlin Slattery as Treasurer.

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