Avoid End-of-School-Year Burnout
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How do you avoid end of school year burnout? It’s simple! Just understand how a burnout happens, and don’t do it!

A burnout is when a vehicle’s tyres lose traction and begin spinning when the vehicle itself is not moving.

To perform a burnout depends on whether you have a manual or automatic car.

If you have a manual, put your car in first gear, hit the gas to get the RPMs up, and then pop the clutch. When this happens, the engine will immediate connect with your drive tyres, and, assuming your vehicle has enough power, the tyres will lose traction. If your car is front wheel drive, you can even lock the handbrake to keep it (mostly) in place with the front tyres spinning.

While keeping an eye on your car’s performance, try not to burnout yourself in the last leg of the year! Photo courtesy of http://fistfuloftalent.com

In an automatic car, the act of performing a burnout is very similar. You first want to hold down the brake with your left foot and get the RPMs up with the gas, right to the point that the car wants to move forward. What you’re actually doing here is spinning up the torque converter, which connects the engine to the transmission. After getting the RPMs high enough, quickly let off the brake, and, with any luck, you will be doing a burnout! Congratulations!

Now that you know what a burnout is, hopefully you will be able to avoid it in the future. Take care!

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