Spring Musical Got Sprung
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Over the past two weekends, the spring musical has had performances Thursday nights through Saturday nights. I took one of these opportunities to usher for the play and get in for free, along with a bonus of a few service hours. This year’s musical, Anything Goes, was the last high school play directed by the soon-retiring Mrs. Polinsky. The show had two acts with an intermission in between and was filled with choreographed dance numbers, musical numbers, and even the occasional tap dancing or acrobatics routine. This play really had it all.

The leads were in tune and casting out their voices to the entire audience. BHS junior Xander Weibel, who acted one of the play’s leads, said he “enjoyed practicing the dance moves,” because it felt so good to get an entire routine right. With two weeks less prep time then the last musical for the cast, this show was more fine tuned.

The pit orchestra was playing fire in this version of Anything Goes, even with barely enough people to fill all the parts and some people having to double up on instruments. BHS Senior Jo Forney, who played saxophone and flute in the musical said, “Being in the pit was great because I got to play a completely different kind of music then in band class… being part of the background track can take some serious concentration.” The pit orchestra started practicing early this year under the direction of Mr. Dalrymple to be sure to have the show music rehearsed and ready to go by the time the musical rolled around. They had multiple practices every week leading up to the play’s performance dates to nail down their music and get it in sync with the actors’ timing and voices.

The pit’s sounds and actors’ voices harmonized and went well together, each keeping the other on the right key and in the right place. The play overall was a well put together production with everyone working together to make it a success. The costumes were great too, often matching each other or perfect for the role. The costumes ranged from sparkly silver mini-dresses to sailor uniforms to heart patterned boxers.

There were also political references in the show, unlike the original production, with one of the villains based off of the current president of the United States. This version of the play was also different from the original in the way that at some points during songs, much of it was ad-libbed on the spot. Everything considered, the play worked well in terms of dialogue and music. The crew was also, as always, spot on with sound effects and lights.

As the end of an era comes to a close, with Mrs. Polinsky’s retirement, the actors, crew, and musicians look forward to next year and performing under different direction.

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