The Mick
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Mick. You are not going to find a funnier show on TV airing right now. Kaitlin Olsen stars in the hit new Fox show, The Mick.

Olsen’s character, Mackenzie, also known as Mickey, finds herself at the head of her sister’s family when her sister and husband are arrested for fraud. She becomes the caretaker of Sabrina, Chip, and Ben Pemberton. Mickey has to try and figure out how to be a standi-n mom all while trying to take care of herself and live her life.

Here’s the catch: Mickey is the farthest thing from someone who is ready to be a “mom.” She is the definition of dysfunctional. Her character has no stability and is always running around, drinking, gambling, or generally just making poor choices. But, on the contrary, even with all these faults, she really does have the kids’ best interests in mind and really tries to be there for them in any way she can.

The cast is full of familiar faces. Mickey, who is played by Katie Olson, has been on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for twelve seasons running and has starred in several blockbuster movies such as Leap Year, opposite Amy Adams, and The Heat. She has also has had roles in TV series like New Girl in the past. Sabrina Pemberton is played by Sofia Black D’elia, who starred in Gossip Girl, and has been in movies such as 2013’s moving film, The Immigrant.

This show is definitely one of the funnier ones out there right now, and if you haven’t sat down to watch it quite yet, I suggest you do. It is guaranteed to make you laugh.

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