The Cold Winter of 2017
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It was a Wednesday afternoon on Bainbridge Island, and for the first time in five months the sun was shining through the windows and reflecting off the mirrors in the classroom of Bainbridge Dance Center. The teacher bit her lip as the students solemnly looked out the window into the sun, as if they were explorers searching something unknown.

The teacher’s excitement was transparent as she asked the dancers if they wanted to sit in the sun for a while. Smiles grew across their faces, and despite it being 47 degrees and cruiciatinly brisk outside, they sprinted out the door in their leotards and leaped into the wet grass, just to feel the slight warmth of the sun on their foreheads.

On this Wednesday afternoon, I had felt the sun on my face for the first time since October. It sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s really not. According to Komo News, Seattle has had just three sunny, mild days since the start of October.

Also according to Cliff Mas’s weather blog, 2017 has been the coldest winter in a generation for the Pacific Northwest. To sum it up; dark, rainy, cold, and long.

As we now frolick into April, the sun has been playing a little round of peek-a-boo. All we want is spring, everybody is ready, and this year particularly it has been coming slower than ever.

The desperation of students and teachers is reflected in the classroom. Hopefully we will be cheering for joy soon as the sun comes out for real and the temperatures rise above 50 degrees. Bainbridge is ready for a real spring!

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