Memories… Do Not Open
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You don’t have to smoke a lot to be a Chainsmokers fan. Their music isn’t meant for only one clique of people. It’s here for everyone to listen, to enjoy, and to relate with.

So there’s good news. Their new album, “Memories… Do Not Open,” was released on April 7th, 2017.

On this new album are songs titled “The One,” “Break Up Every Night,” “Bloodstream,” “Don’t Say (ft. Emily Warren),” “Something Just Like This (with Coldplay),” “My Type (ft. Emily Warren),” “It Won’t Kill Ya (ft. Louane),” “Paris,” “Honest,” “Wake Up Alone (ft. Jhené Aiko),” “Young,” and “Last Day Alive ft. Florida Georgia Line.”

Why such interesting titles? In a recent interview, the duo Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall said, “As our song writing progressed and the music got more personal we started to feel like we had more to say. We were writing songs about ourselves and different things we were dealing with from past, present, and future. We titled the album ‘Memories…Do Not Open,’ because these songs are very personal to us, collections of private memories and thoughts that we now want to share with you.” The band has opened themselves up, saying that they’ve made themselves vulnerable but more relatable in the process.

The album is catchy, has great vocals, and instrumentals that back up the beats that go through a true fan’s head when they hear the band’s name. While I don’t think it compares to old hits like “Roses,” or “Waterbed,” it’s certainly something everyone who loves their music should put aside a few minutes for listening.

Because there really are memories in that box.

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