Credit Retrieval Options
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Sometimes, one must make up a class. Whether it was skipping both tutorials in American Studies that resulted in a failing grade, moving to Bainbridge Island after missing Washington State History, or simply just not having time in one’s schedule to fit 1.5 physical education credits, the need for credit retrieval (making up missed credits needed to graduate) is more common than one might expect. Luckily, Bainbridge High School offers two main opportunities for credit retrieval: summer school and correspondence courses.

Offered directly through Bainbridge High School and Eagle Harbor High School, summer school includes both in-person courses and online courses. Physical courses are always in the summer, while online courses can also take place during the school year. To sign up for these courses, students should make appointments with a school counselor so they can sign a form that allows them to take a course. Space is limited in summer school courses, so it is advisable to act quickly.

Correspondence courses are high school courses offered through other sources than the Bainbridge Island School District. The courses can be in-person, but they are often online. When choosing a correspondence course, it is critical to contact a BHS counselor to ensure that the credits resulting from the course can be transferred to Bainbridge High School. A few common examples of correspondence courses are physical courses at Olympic College and online high school courses through Brigham Young University. These courses can be more flexible than summer school courses, and time permitting, can always be taken during the school year.

No matter which option, any students who need to acquire a greater number of credits through either summer school or correspondence courses should start planning now, as courses can and do fill up, and it often takes more time to finish a course than first expected.

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