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It is a question highly debated throughout high schools around the world: which artist
makes the biggest bangers? Even though many hours have been spent sitting around lunch tables arguing, trying to come to a consensus, none has ever been reached. No artist has been crowned the king. I went around to some of my fellow BHS students to get their opinions on this fiery debate and try to find an answer to this age old question once and for all.

I talked to two sophomores, Asher Van Slyke and Will Price, one junior, Ian Drury, and one freshman, Christopher Daniels.

Q: “Which artist makes the biggest bangers?”
Ian: Travis Scott
Asher: 2 Chainz, aka Tity Boi
Chris: Travis Scott
Will: Migos

Q:“What are some of your fave songs by these artists?”
Ian: Ra Ra, Way Back, Sweet Sweet, Pick Up the Phone. Basically any Travis song is a banger.
Asher: Dresser, Birthday Song, El Chapo Jr, Good Drank.
Chris: Goosebumps, 3005.
Will: Emmitt Smith, Pipe It Up, Slippery.

Q: “How would you define banger?”
Ian: A banger is a song that you are always down to listen to and that always gets you in a good mood and ready to have fun.
Asher: Something to get hyped to.
Chris: A song that gets your ready for a sports game.
Will: A song that everyone knows and can sing every word.

Q: “What do you look for in a banger?”
Ian: The beat is probably the most important part, the lyrics don’t have the same impact.
Asher: I look for 2 Chainz and if he is not there then it is probably not a banger.
Chris: The drop is the most important part, a song can have a terrible chorus and beat but if the drop is great it saves the song.
Will: If it talks about any players on the Dallas Cowboys.

Q: “What new artists are you into?”
Ian: Bas from J Cole’s Dreamville label is one of my new favorites. His album “Too High to Riot” was one of my favorite projects in awhile.
Asher: $uicideboy$.
Chris: xxxtenacion.
WIll: Anyone but xxxtenacion.

Q: “Which upcoming albums are you looking forward to?”
Ian: Still hoping on some new music from A$AP rocky and also very excited for Logic’s new album coming out soon.
Asher: New 2 Chainz album “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.”
Chris: New A$ALP Rocky.
Will: I’m also looking forward to the new 2 Chainz album.

Q: “What would you say is your overall favorite song of all time?”
Ian: “Waiting in the Vain” by Bob Marley and the Wailers. Technically I wouldn’t really call it a banger but I still love it.
Asher: Dresser by 2 Chainz.
Chris: Yamborghini High.
Will: Cut It.

Q: “Why?”
Ian: Its chill beat and good message always puts a smile on my face.
Asher: It was one of the first 2 Chainz songs I heard and it just stuck with me.
Chris: It has every member of A$AP in it and I think it reflects why they are one of the best rap groups out right now.
Will: It’s by a relatively unknown rapper and I think it can hold its own with the mainstream rap superstars’ songs.

So there you have it BHS. It doesn’t answer the question but I hope it can bring others into the conversation in an attempt to finally get an answer.

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