Betting on Giants: UEFA Champions League Predictions
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In this year’s Champions League, the competition had been fierce. Blowouts, extra-time comeback wins, and great goals have complicated the tournament like never before. Just like every year, the competition has brought joy to many around the world. Here is a look forward to the next round, and to the final.

If I had to pick a favorite to win the tournament solely based on talent and form, I think that Real Madrid is the best team. Their sheer attacking power is enough to rival any, their midfield is precise and strong, and their defense has only given up four goals in the last two rounds. They are an all around solid team who definitely have what it takes to reach the final. After crushing Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals, I have a hard time seeing who could beat them moving into the semifinals and final.

A team that I have expected more from, but have been sorely disappointed with, is another Spanish giant, Barcelona. Yes, they had their miraculously escaped elimination in the round of 16 against PSG, but another 3-0 defeat to Juventus in the first leg of the quarterfinal shows how weak they are. Their defense has been extremely sloppy and the midfield and attack just seem disjointed. They do end up creating one or two good chances per game, but somehow their star-studded strikeforce has not been able to finish.

Heading into the semifinals, I expect Juventus and Real Madrid to make the cut with Atletico Madrid and Dortmund falling short against the high class of opponent . All in all, my prediction for the final is Real Madrid vs. Juventus, with the Spaniards coming out victorious for a record 12th time. Only time will tell.

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