Winterguard Spins to Success
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BHS Winterguard has worked harder than ever this year to put together and produce a clean and in sync show. Every year the coaches get together and choose music and a theme, this year’s theme is “Statues of Us,” to the song “Us” by Regina Spektor. It is a show where statues come to life and move together in their own ways before solidifying again at the end.

At the recent winter sports assembly, the Winterguard team put on a performance for students of BHS and, as always, blew everyone away. Their 2017 season, which began on February 4th, is coming to an end on April 1st, but before then, the team still has one more competition.

In this year’s season so far, the team has had four competitions and achieved 2nd place in their division in the first three, and 1st place in the most recent one! During their third competition, they also won a citizenship award for being friendly and helping other teams at the competition. According to co-captain and BHS Junior Cambria Sheridan, guard is an “accepting group of people who will help you learn about how to spin and give you a great group of friends and support system.”

Winterguard members Delaney Brown and Rachel Burnside at practice.

Another new and surprising success for the guard this year is the number of boys who joined the team, there were four boys which hasn’t happened since six years ago.

Even after their season ends, the guard continues to practice to come up with an entirely new routine for the moving up assembly at the end of the year. Guard is a sport that goes year round whether it be Winterguard in the winter and into the spring, free and non-committal summer practices for those who are thinking about joining, or the Color Guard that spins with the marching band who’s season begins in late August and continues through mid-November. If someone is interested in joining guard, it is all-inclusive with no try-outs. To join Sheridan said, “All you have to have is the want to learn!” The schedule for the summer practices will be made and posted towards the end of the school year.

Join Bainbridge High School’s Winterguard team for the last performance of the 2017 show “Statues of Us”. If you have seen the show but want to see it one more time, please join us! If you have never experienced the amazing art and sport of Winterguard, this is your chance! The performance is free and open to all.

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