Template for the Future?
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Atlanta native, rap superstar, and leader of a new generation of hip-hop?

Future has been popular ever since he exploded onto the music scene a few years ago. Ever since, his trap roots have changed the face of the rap industry. His latest album, the self-titled “Future,” has exploded since release.

“Future” starts off hot. His song “Rent Money” is one that you would not want to show to an elderly family member. He raps about struggling to make money to pay rent and the methods some use in dire situations. As the album progresses, we reach “Super Trapper.” This uptempo track illustrates to his fans that Future is no normal rapper. He is a different class, a new generation. A few tracks later is my personal favorite. “Mask Off” is a telling of Future’s rags-to-riches journey. He talks about his early life, and the things he saw as he grew up in rough circumstances and moved to his new life of fortune and fame.

I think this is Future’s most progressive and best work. His style is apparent and the meaning behind his songs is deep and thought out.

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