Saturday School for Seniors
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After the initial joy and celebration of yet another snow day for the 2016-17 school year, seniors were soon faced with reality. Thanks to a graduation which cuts several days off the end of the normal school year, only BHS seniors will be required to attend school on several Saturdays. This situation is not ideal, but administration is looking to make the best of it.

These decisions come from the state level and are the result of three days which were cancelled this winter due to adverse conditions. Interestingly enough, without the third cancelled day of school, there would be no necessary makeup days. So it looks like we had one-too-many snow days.

In order to graduate by the expected date of June 10th, there was only one viable solution. “We are looking at the last three Saturdays of April from 8:00 am to noon,” said principal Duane Fish. This means a minimum of four hours will need to be made up each day in order to meet the minimum amount of required school time.

Principal Fish also cleared up the issues of prior commitments and inability to attend school on these days saying, “These dates are like all other school days: sports travel is excused and parents can excuse their students in the same way as any other school day: through Skyward or a call to the attendance office.” So while attendance is still required, excused absences will be functioning like any normal school day, offering flexibility for students and their families.

As for the content of these days, there is no confirmation as of yet. Administration has discussed the option of AP test prep time, but is still deciding what will happen with those who are not taking an AP test. It appears unlikely that normal classes will be functioning during this time period.

It is important to note, the school sent a request to the OSPI (Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction) to schedule extra school on previously scheduled school days, but was denied. This left few options but to schedule the makeup days over weekends.

There are few options other than to accept half-days of school on several Saturdays and be grateful for the joy once felt at the sound of an early morning phone call.

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