Creighton, One and Done
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Out. Just like that. In just a couple hours, in the first round of 64 in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, Creighton was eliminated, and left to pack its bags in a humiliating defeat.

In an 84-72 defeat to Rhode Island, Creighton disappointingly lost to 10th seed, Rhode Island. Afterwards, there were no tears, no anger, and no grief. Just disappointment. They had no excuses to give, no scapegoat to blame – they were simply outplayed by the Rhode Island team.

In the game, Creighton, who is normally outstanding offensively, went 26 of 65 from the field, and just 7 of 23 from the 3-point range. Many open shots which had normally been made, were missed.

The issue was not physical. It was a matter of a lack of focus, a mental issue. One example that exemplified this pure lack of focus was in the second half, when Marcus Foster missed a wide open layup, shooting too strongly. Creighton needs to mentally improve if they want to make it all the way next year.

The Creighton team started off 18-1 led by superstar point guard Mo Watson, and were placed in the top 10, according to AP Polls. After Watson’s season ending injury, however, hopes to win the tournament diminished, as Creighton was without one of the best point guards in the nation.

Although a few loyal fans supported them and even put them as winners in their bracket, they disappointed everyone with their lackluster performance against Rhode Island. Let’s hope they improve.

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