School Fines and Seniors’ Grades
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Most Bainbridge High School seniors have finished applying to colleges and are anxiously awaiting responses. However, most colleges also request midterm transcripts, an act that is as simple as sending grades through Parchment, or may even happen automatically.

However, if you “haven’t turned in your copy of The Scarlet Letter,” according to American Studies Teacher Mr. Seemueller, your potential colleges will not receive your midterm transcripts. More generally, students who have outstanding fines, ranging from lab fees to parking fines, will be unable to send their transcripts until these fines have been paid.

If you suspect you may have left a library book under your bed, make a point of returning it promptly (or, if you can’t find it, talk to Ms. Ellison about alternative options).

Additionally, you can check with Ms. Spray in the accounting office (or online through Skyward) to confirm that you have no other outstanding fines that may prevent your latest grades from being delivered to colleges.

Once all of your BHS fines have been paid, there is nothing you need to do but wait to hear back from colleges (and work on scholarship applications)!

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