President Trump’s Immigration Order
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On Friday, January 27th 2017, President Donald Trump followed up on one of his promised actions for once he entered office. In an executive order President Trump made it illegal for any more refugees attempting to enter the U.S. to do so in the next 120 days.

The order also made it illegal for any Syrian refugee to enter the U.S. until further notice, and bans citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries including Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen from entering the U.S. with any type of visa. This includes permanent residents from these countries who may have been traveling outside the U.S. even if they have a green card. Several Americans with green cards who had been travelling outside the U.S. at the time President Trump signed the ban were detained and not allowed into the U.S.

In the days following the signing, the world reacted to this historic document. Governments in countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Indonesia and Iran have spoken out against Trump’s decision. British foreign minister Boris Johnson tweeted that it is “divisive and wrong to stigmatize because of nationality.”

Though Trump made it obvious that this was “not a Muslim ban,” his actions have been perceived as blocking off a people only due to their religion, and the few members of that religion whose goal is hurting others. Citizens in major U.S. cities such as Seattle, New York, and Washington D.C. have risen up to show their negative views of such treatment towards other races. Likewise, international communities have expressed their opinion in protests throughout the world.

Update: The federal courts are currently in the process of deciding the constitutionality of the order. For the moment, it has been blocked and those with correct paperwork are being allowed into the U.S.

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