Island Fitness VS. Bainbridge Athletic Club
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As we emerge from a rut of a winter and approach midwinter, spring, and summer break respectively, our bodies may not be quite… ready. Whether it be sicknesses, seasonal depression, political stress, or simply fear of being cold, getting outside to play has not been in the cards for a lot of us. If you do seek physical activity as a form of therapy for all this, the question of “Island Fitness or Bainbridge Athletic Center” may not be unfamiliar to you. Let’s break it down.

Island Fitness is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Winslow, right next to city hall and the performing arts centre. With a one-time sign up fee of $199 plus $64 a month, becoming a member here is something you must be committed to. With each new membership, you receive 3 free one-hour “Ortho-Kinetics” assessment sessions with a trainer, a half-hour session with a nutrition coach, and a one-hour equipment orientation with a trainer. The membership allows full use of the facilities 7 days a week, all group fitness classes, towel service, day use of a locker, and a $10 per month freeze option that lets you put your membership on hold for up to six months of the year.

Members also receive a discount on club services such as personal training, semi-private training, nutrition coaching, workshops, and massage.

Island Fitness is located on Madison Avenue! Photo courtesy of Alyssa Costello

They also have an option for a three-month student membership for $139 or a one-month option for $62. If you are not looking to make a steep financial commitment, the cost of a day pass is $15, entitling you to all the benefits of full membership for the day including free participation in all group exercise classes offered that day. Group exercise classes include but are not limited to yoga, pilates, cycling, and high-intensity cardio. Overall, Island Fitness offers great-quality facilities, with saunas, steam rooms, and TVs to entertain you throughout your cardio, if you can get over that line of windows peering out to Madison Avenue allowing tourists and locals alike to see you sweating your you-know-what off.

Bainbridge Athletic Club has a more understated location in the Meadowmeer community. Their larger facilities include four indoor tennis courts, a college-size gymnasium, saunas and steam rooms, and two large group exercise studios as well as private yoga and cycling studios.

Bainbridge Athletic Club framed by the evening sky. Photo courtesy Alyssa Costello.

An individual fitness membership here, costing $68 monthly, includes access to all Club amenities except for the tennis courts. For $65 more each month, you can have access to everything above including use of the tennis courts. There is also a “flex membership” option for $49 a month that includes all amenities of an individual membership without tennis, though is limited to Monday-Thursday from 12-4 pm & 8-10 pm, Friday from 12-9 pm, and Saturday & Sunday from 12-8 pm. Bainbridge Athletic Club also offers massage and acupuncture services for an extra price.

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