Orca Bowl; An Inside Look Into a New Age of Glory
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Somewhat of a mystery to the students of Bainbridge High School, Orca Bowl hopes to rise from the shadows and bring long-awaited glory to this great school.

The team has set off this year with intense preparation and a hope for victory on Feb. 27 at the University of Washington as they take on other local competitors.

Through weekly practices, the BHS team intends to tackle the marine ocean trivia competition with some carefully thought out training exercises and a well-crafted team.

“We have a really strong group this year,” said senior Elizabeth Rolfes. “Each member has chosen a topic of expertise to focus on, whether it’s physical oceanography or technology, which should give us a wide range of knowledge.”

The Orca Bowl Team. From left to right: Andy Kruse, Elijah Burns, Ethan Glaze, Chaz Fordyce, Elizabeth Rolfes, Matthew Derry, Naomi Von Ruden, and Jake Prodzinski. Photo courtesy of Josh Lesko.

Rolfes is no newcomer to ocean life either. Her love for the sea came from her childhood on the beach and her more recent interest in sailing. In addition, her love of penguins drove her to learn more about the marine world. When she got the chance to join Orca Bowl, it was a no-brainer.

However, after a tough first year without a win, Rolfes’ team of all seniors would be graduating, leaving only herself to carry on the legacy. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, Rolfes recruited enough competitors for two teams for this year’s competition, doubling the numbers from the 2015-16 school year.

Despite her accolades, Rolfes knows this is no time for reminiscing. “We can’t have any hesitation when it comes to the competition,” Rolfes reiterated. “We have created high stakes trivia scenarios to simulate an authentic Orca Bowl experience in the hopes of winning the competition.”

As the team diligently prepares, Rolfes notes that anyone interested in coming to the Orca Bowl competition is welcome and encouraged to attend. Hope lies with future generations to be inspired and carry on the soon-to-be legacy of Orca Bowl at Bainbridge High School to more victories in the future.

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