Getting Strange With Dr. Strange
December 15, 2016  //  By:   //  A&E  //  Comments are off

Mysterious, intense, and jaw-dropping are just a few of the words that perfectly describe Marvel’s newest movie release, Dr. Strange. Receiving a 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, this film is one to keep in mind on movie night.

Stephen Strange is a top-notch neurosurgeon who cares deeply about his work. He gets into a terrible car accident that completely destroy his body, particularly his hands. After this event, Strange falls into a state of depression and resentment towards the world. When he hears about a medical case which seemed impossible to recover from, he tracks down the patient and asks him how he did it. The patient proceeds to explain that he travelled to the mountains of Nepal, where he received “spiritual” healing. At this point, Doctor Strange has little hope that this form of medicine will be successful. However, once he reaches the shrine in Nepal, he discovers a world with dimensions that are completely unlike that which he is used to, with higher energy that coexists within the common dimensions of everyday life. Hopefully this introduction to the film is inspiring and tempting. Just imagine what Doctor Strange is capable of once he masters the techniques associated with the spirit dimension described above!

Pondering on several review sites, there were many comments which further prove that this movie is necessary to watch. For example, on Rotten Tomatoes, one critic named James Kendrick states that Doctor Strange “…keeps enough of what audiences clearly crave while also throwing in a few twists that make it feel, if not entirely unique, at least different”. Another critic named David Keyes writes that the film is “…far more rich, entertaining and intellectual than the promotional trail of glitzy images and ambitious visual effects would have you believe”. Most negative reviews consisted of complaints on a complicated script filled with technical medical and magical terms, which to me seemed like a lazy analysis. Obviously, Doctor Strange catches the eyes of many different critics and for the majority, is appreciated and respected. As the holiday season approaches, consider Doctor Strange as great option on movie night.

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