5 Best Songs of 2016
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As 2017 creeps up on us, it’s time to look back on what songs hit the charts this year, and why in the world they stuck the landing. These are the types of songs you blast when they come on the radio, until next thing you know two weeks have passed and the only thing you’re blasting now is Hot 103.7 because at least it’ll be “100% Throwbacks” .

Starting with the song that was in Billboard’s Top Ten for 19 weeks, “This Is What You Came For” by Calvin Harris had people irresistibly shoulder-shrugging and singing along at any given moment. Because of its catchy lyrics and satisfying bass drop, this song is easy to dance and belt to. Most importantly, it features the true queen, Rihanna, in a music video holding over a billion views. It’s no surprise this one hit the charts.

Also starring superstar Rihanna, “Work”, featuring Drake, remained in Billboard’s Top Ten for 18 weeks and also peaked at #1 on the list. Just like most songs on Billboard’s Top 100, it repeats itself a lot. There is no stopping getting this one stuck in your head. It also has a mesmerizing beat; the verses, chorus, and bridge mostly bleed into each other, bringing soft-to-loud explosions or exciting rhythmic changes. And we can’t forget about the music video that showed off the steamy tension between Rihanna and Drake, which soon turned into rumors and later a confirmation of their relationship.

With a whopping 17 weeks on Billboard’s top ten, the song “Closer” by the Chainsmokers and rising artist Halsey reached both a #1 spot and 23.1 million US streams. An unexpected collab created the perfect mixture of EDM and strong vocals that gets the entire squad to singing along to. Once again, this song topped the charts by its impressive ability to make anyone boogie along.
Eventually there was a break from the dance music as “Pillowtalk” by the one and only ex-One-Direction-member Zayn Malik grew to #1 and floated in Billboard’s Top Ten for 16 weeks. It’s pretty easy to say this song didn’t swoop onto Billboard solely because of its slow and soft style. This song was Zayn’s first solo track since quitting his formerly popular and attractive boy band “One Direction”, and so it had every teenage girl at least a little bit on their toes to hear if he’d made the right decision. Apparently he did, as his sexy music video with model and girlfriend Gigi Hadid reached half a billion views and Zayn Malik’s net worth increased to an estimated $250 million.
Most recently, “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane has reached #1 on Billboard and remains there currently in its second week. This song rapidly climbed the charts because it happens to be the song associated with the widespread trend “Mannequin Challenge”. It’s undoubtedly a good song with catchy lyrics and a nice beat, and would of been a hit regardless. However, thanks to the Mannequin Challenge, this song is now gigantic.

There we have it, five songs that certainly will never leave the contents of your brain once you hear them played on every radio station everyday. However, they will certainly give you a dancing and singing urge that is hard to resist.

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